Frequently Asked Questions

What is a task credit? What is in scope and out of scope?

You can think of a task credit as roughly equivalent to 1 hour of work. When we receive a request to perform a JIRA administration task we will evaluate it. If it can be done within 1 hour then 1 task credit is consumed. Multiple different jobs cannot be combined into 1 request. For example you cannot create new custom fields and create a new JQL filter in the same request. On the other hand if you have multiple users that require setup then they can all be submitted as part of a single request. Having said that we are flexible and will work with you as best we can. If you have a doubt you can contact us in advance and we’ll happily advise you.

If we determine that your request takes more than 1 hour then we will tell you how many task credits it will consume and you can decide whether or not to proceed. Again, if in doubt please contact us in advance and we’ll evaluate your request free of charge.

Is there limit to what tasks you can perform?

Not really. Each task credits is roughly equivalent to 1 hour of work. But you can combine task credits for more complex jobs. For example to build a completely new workflow might take 2-3 credits; to perform an upgrade could take 20 credits. But if in doubt jump on our webchat, or send us a message ( and we’ll happily evaluate your requirement free of charge.

Is there a limit to how many times we can contact support?

You can contact support as often as you like to discuss your changes. But if you want work performed then you must use your task credits attached to your current plan.

What if I don’t have enough task credits?

If you have a task that consumes more credits than you have left in the current month you have two choices. You could postpone the change until you have accumulated enough credits, or you can upgrade your plan to a higher level, consume the credits and then downgrade the following month. If your change is urgent, we can discuss this with you and will provide you with an out-of-band cost estimate. In this situation you will receive an invoice for the additional work which must be paid for in advance.

What if I don’t use up all my task credits in a month?

We will send you a statement of your available task credits each month. If you do not use your credits then they can be rolled over into the next month. But credits can only be rolled over for 1 month. For example, if you have 5 credits are the beginning of the month, and don’t use any, then these can be rolled over into the next month. In the next month you will have 10 credits. Of these 10 credits, 5 are rolled over from the previous month and must be used. They cannot be rolled over into another month. If you don’t use them then they expire. We do not provide refunds on any expired credits, or any credits remaining at the end of a subscription.

What other services do you provide?

We focus on providing the best Remote JIRA Administration and Support described on these pages. But we also help our customers with Upgrades, Training, 1:1 Mentoring

Do you support JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk?

We support all of them. The introduction of the 3 JIRA applications is a recent move by Atlassian. Most people still know it as JIRA and we choose not to differentiate here. We also work with many of the plugins available in the Atlassian Marketplace such as Tempo Timesheets, Portfolio for JIRA, Eazy BI, and ScriptRunner.

Is my data secure?

We never take your data offsite (unless you request offsite backups), copy your data, or share any confidential information. We are happy to sign NDAs.

How do you remotely access my JIRA server?

Obviously we need some form of remote access. For JIRA Cloud instances this is fairly easy. Just give us an administrator account. For server instances we work with you to find the most secure solution. This could be through sharing a screen in a Web Conferencing tool where we can take control of the mouse and keyboard, or it could be using a Remote Desktop utility over VPN. Hope on live chat and we can figure it out.

How long does it take to complete a task?

It really depends on our workload and agreeing a scheduled time with you to actually implement the change. Most of our changes are turned around the same day.

Who are you and where are you based?

Our company is based in Dublin, Ireland. Our team of JIRA Admins spans the globe including USA, Argentina, Phillipines, Vietnam, South Africa and Slovakia.