Become a JIRA Subtask Ninja

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Become a JIRA Subtask Ninja

Recently while working with a customer we came across a bug in JIRA 7.1.6 – Fix Version is not Copied to subtasks when Creating JIRA Subtasks.

The customer in question usually broke stories into JIRA subtasks. When creating a story they assign a fix version to it. This is the version in which they plan to release the feature described by the story.

The customer had a filter which showed the JIRA subtasks and parent stories by fix version. But after upgrading to JIRA 7.1.6 they noticed that for new subtasks the fix version was not being automatically inherited from the parent story. It seems that this version of JIRA broke this functionality – it was working fine in 6.x and as recently as 7.0.5.

As the bug in question is deemed a low priority bug with low level of impact, the likelihood of it being fixed any time soon is low. So we needed to look at some workarounds.

In general, JIRA subtasks can be a bit of pain to create and maintain. There is potentially a lot of manual effort in creating them and copying values to / from parents. But it is necessary if you want divide up the work and assign to the individuals responsible, and then get accurate reports and dashboard views.

So when reviewing workarounds and other techniques to manage this efficiently we wanted to look at some generic and flexible solutions. The first that came to mind (and is suggested by Atlassian in the bug response), is the use of Post-functions and the JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions free add-on.